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Tribute by

Dr. G. Raghuram, Professor, Public Systems Group,

IIM Ahemdabad


It just seems that the ultimate sacrifice that Dr M C Puri was destined to do was for the field of Operations Research and Mathematics, sacrificing his life to irrational terrorism, while protecting his dear students and colleagues.  No words can describe Dr Puri's humility and dedication to the profession.


I first met Dr Puri in his capacity as the organiser of the ORSI convention at Delhi more than 15 years ago, when as a young faculty at IIM Ahmedabad, I wanted him to consider the participation of six students from IIMA at discounted rates.  He was sensitive to the matter did the best that he could within the framework of the convention.


Since then we have been meeting each other at ORSI conventions or during visits of mine to IIT Delhi.  He has been a regular participant in the ORSI conventions and probably holds the record of attending every single convention ever since he started for over 30 years.  The amazing thing is that he never sought any "office" in the Society, while always willing to work for it with all positive energy.  


During my tenure as ORSI President, when the matter of editorship of OPSEARCH was raised with him, being the self-effacing person that he was, he proposed other names saying that they should be considered first.  He was always willing to play a worker role.  When the APORS convention was to come to India, he was willing to work for Delhi as the location, or if Bangalore were to be considered, he would support it with all his organizational efforts.  The ORSI council chose Delhi and Dr Puri played the key role in ensuring its successful conduct.


At every convention that I attended, being the humane person that he was, he always made it a point to seek me out and spend time as friends.  Even at Bangalore, on 27th December 2005, we were sitting together during the inaugural session.  Little did I know that that was to be our last hour together.


I will miss Dr Puri, his gentleness and pure sincerity.


Dr. G Raghuram

Professor, Public Systems Group

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Email: graghu@iimahd.ernet.in

Ph: (91)-79-26324948 (O), 26325401 (R),

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