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Tribute by

Mr. R.K. Gupta, Deputy Director General, 

National Informatics Centre, New Delhi

I have had the pleasure of knowing Professor Munish Chander Puri of IIT, Delhi, for the last more than two decades.  I have been associated with him on both professionally as well as on the personal level.

He was indeed, in a true sense a perfect gentleman, sincere, dedicated, and always willing to share responsibilities of all kind without an iota of expectations.  He was a truly a teacher in  a real sense, dedicated to the students as well as more than willing to help anybody and everybody, both for solving professional issues as well as personal concerns, all with a ever smiling face.

I have interacted with him on number of occasions and have always found, without any expectations of any kind and he was always more than willing to be associated with the Operational Research Society of India and Mathematical Programming, be it Opsearch article or organizing ORSI or any chapter of ORSI.

On many occasions I have found though he was not holding any office of ORSI but was deeply involved, and to see that the ORSI conference is held all the time with utmost perfection as well as to see that large number of professionals interacts during the each session.

He was indeed had solutions to all issues- we all OR professionals were very much used to taking an ultimate advise from him.  He was always surrounded by his old students as well as professional acquaintances.  


I had the privilege of meeting him last and having a cup of tea together on the morning of the dreadful day during ORSI-2005, Bangalore at IISc, Bangalore.


Though, he had retired around two years back and joined a private institution in NOIDA, but everybody used to address him as Prof. Puri of IIT, Delhi, and I did mention to him in our last meeting, that no body is accepting you as a retired professor and you should join back IIT, Delhi.  To this he just smiled - this happened on that dreadful day at IISc., Bangalore.

He was truly a dedicated OR professional and OR community in India and abroad will miss him greatly.  


I personally will miss him, as he was a friend whom I could consult on any issue, any time whether it is professional or personal?  Words are not enough to describe the great personality of Prof. M.C. Puri.

Deeply shocked by his absence...

Mr. R.K. Gupta
Deputy Director General
National Informatics Centre
Deptt. Of Information & Technology
New Delhi-110003
Email : rkg@nic.in