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Tribute by

Dr. Rita Malhotra, Dept. of Mathematics,

Kamla Nehru College, Univ. of Delhi


Words fail me to express any sentiment regarding Late Prof. Puri because he was an icon beyond words. For me and as I understand, for many others like me, he was a guiding star. I followed this star almost blindly with the conviction that so long as I donít detract nothing could ever go wrong. Be it academics or be it taking a decision of any aspect of life, I was only comfortable once I had confided in Dr. Puri and taken his advice.


My first association with him goes back to 1979 when I joined research under his supervision. My reverence for him stems from the fact that he was the perfect amalgam of a strict guide and disciplinarian and a very compassionate human being. His greatest quality was that he always inspired his students to be at the forefront especially at conferences and presentations where he insisted that his name comes last in any joint publication with his students, which is a very rare quality in any supervisor. Due credit was given to any contribution made by his students but on the other hand he made it a point that no one is unfairly given credit that was not due to him/ her.


Punctuality and humbleness never left him. Many of us were influenced in many ways for all these qualities and he commanded a lot of respect and affection.


It is said that time heals all pain but I know that time is going to fail this time. The only tribute that I can pay him is to continue in the research direction that he had carved for researchers working in Mathematical programming. But I feel too inadequate with my limited capabilities.

Dr. Rita Malhotra
Department of Mathematics
Kamla Nehru College
University of Delhi