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Tribute by Prof. Elise del Rosario

President, Operational Research Society of Philippines


It is not very often that you meet a person for whom you develop a deep respect only after knowing him or her for a while. 


This is what happened when I met and corresponded with Professor M.C. Puri for the APORS 2003. Having organized the APORS 2006 myself, I know how hectic the schedule can become, and it is a very easy thing to gloss over correspondences and to say you "will attend to a request later." I guess, this was not the case for Professor Puri, judging from how prompt he attended to all my requests and queries. I realized only now how dedicated and focused one has to be to be able to attend promptly and effectively to all the demands on the head organizer of such a huge event.


After all the emails, I set out for New Delhi, with an image of the APORS 03 Chair as one of a distinguished-looking gentleman. Then I met Prof M.C. Puri. He was indeed a distinguished gentleman, with emphasis on the word "gentle". All the images I had of him were further enhanced by my daily interactions in the course of the conference. He was assertive, but not aggressive, owing up to the shortcomings and problems that the delegates may have faced. He was always calm, and it was my impression that there was no problem big enough to make him lose his composure. He was big enough to own up to the responsibilities and problems, and yet deflect compliments to his co-organizers.  


The APORS 03, which he chaired, became for me the standard with which to measure the APORS 06. Whatever success we reaped at the APORS 06 was in part inspired by focus and dedication of Prof. Puri.


And so, Prof. Puri, thank you! 


Prof. Elise del Rosario


Operational Research Society of Philippines

Eastwood Cyber City
Bagumbayan, E.Rodriguez Jr. Ave.