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Tribute to Prof. Puri

Deepali Gupta, Anulekha Dhara

Department of Mathematics

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


Three years ago, our association with Sir was initiated at IIT, Delhi as students of M.Sc at the Department of Mathematics. He was a committed teacher who had remarkable knowledge of his subject. He had a wonderful quality of motivating students and bringing out the best in them. He was highly admired by students for imparting them education as well as human values. He was gifted with a special quality of developing personal relation with each student. Whenever students approached him with their problems, he would listen to them patiently and would help them out in the best possible manner.


As a person, Sir was very optimistic and strongly believed in the motto of “WORK IS WORSHIP”. Such was his persona that he would leave an impression on whosoever came in contact with him. Though he possessed leadership quality, his humility and politeness was appreciable. Although he appeared to be a very serious person, he had a very good sense of humor.


Personally, he encouraged us to do quality research work and inspired us to be good human beings. He believed that one should do hard work without thinking about the results. Also he believed that one should lead life positively and never give up. Although he is no more physically, but is always present in our minds. Coming in contact with him was like a blessing to us. We hope to follow his footsteps.