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The purpose of RAOTA-2006 is to provide a national forum for researchers and practitioners working in the area of optimization to present and exchange the state-of-art research results. Often, such interactions lead to new and challenging research areas and collaborations.

The term optimization refers to the study of problems in which one seeks to minimize or maximize a given function by choosing the values of the variables from within a set. Optimization problems are central to human existence. There is hardly any area of human progress where optimization has not been found.

Post second war era of mathematical development took a turn towards concretizations. These developments were, in turn, reinforced by industrial and managerial revolutions bringing the organizational decision-making to fore of the mathematicians concerned. Optimization models and methods in this direction have come a long way since then to improve the way we do things: for example, in traffic we might wish to reduce delays, in electric power operations we may device ways to deliver power while incurring minimal losses, in packet networks we might wish to reduce both packet delays and packet losses. Such applications and many others of the same nature draw upon the foundations of optimization theory and algorithms. Some of the other areas where optimization tools have found applications include operations management, finance, marketing, engineering, strategic planning, manufacturing, E-business, supply chain management, data envelopment analysis, industrial operational research and operations research in infrastructure.

We aim to bring in forefront many facets of Optimization, namely, smooth and non-smooth optimization, convex and non-convex optimization, integer and combinatorial optimization and deterministic & stochastic optimization with emphasis on both theory and applications.